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Captain Ralph and Matey Carol welcome you aboard the Lorna Doone, a 25ft Northern Bay lobster yacht, located on Johnson Bay in Lubec, Maine, the eastern most town in the continental U.S.A.

Ride the ‘Old Sow’ whirlpool with Capt. Ralph — the largest natural whirlpool in the western hemisphere & one of five significant whirlpools worldwide. Situated just west of Deer Island, New Brunswick, Canada and northeast of Eastport, Maine, in the Western Passage of Passamaquoddy Bay, the OLD SOW forms in a huge area of fascinating tidal turbulence. The OLD SOW and her ‘piglets’ wander around a bit when active, viewed best on flood tide, just west and north of the southern tip of Deer Island, NB, Canada. During ebb tide, or outgoing tide, the OLD SOW can be seen further south and is less active.